Rhino Booksellers is a neighborhood bookstore committed to Nashville’s community of creative talent. We welcome all readers, musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers & photographers.

We are always looking for gently used hardbound & paperback books, instruments of all shape & origin, as well as vinyl records. Interested in a trade or selling?  Give us a call at +1-615-279-0310 to set up an appointment.

Please be aware we do not accept textbooks/coursework books

In an era when brick-and-mortar stores of all types are steadily disappearing, there remains both room and a need for the service-minded specialty outlet, particularly where books are concerned. Sure, you can order almost anything online. But there’s no way that experience can compare with what you’ll get at a place like Rhino Booksellers, which has all the intimacy and flavor of a vintage community bookstore, plus one of Nashville’s genuine characters (in all the best senses of that word) in its owner Fred Koller. Rhino stocks a host of titles in multiple genres, while having its share of rare volumes. The store also carries equally desirable items like instruments and vintage LPs. Plus, you never know who may be shopping there, as Koller’s range of friends and supporters rivals anyone’s in town. There aren’t many places — let alone bookstores — where the conversation seamlessly shifts from music to film to literature and back to books, and at Rhino you never know exactly what new treasures have arrived since your last visit. Rhino Booksellers offers variety, individuality and personality. -RON WYNN